“Ouch! That hurts!” you scream at Amy as she yanks on the skin of your back.
“Well sit still!” she grabs your hands, “I’m not the one who interrupted my boxing lesson.”
You huff, “Ugh well will you just get the damn thing off? I’ve been looking for hours for the zipper tag.”
Amy asks you to explain what happened and, “why you’ve had it on for hours?” With every search of her hand across the suits skin you can feel the touch of her fingers, even clasped around your wrists.
“I thought it would be fun to wear for the afternoon; its my day off. So I zipped it up and went about my day making lunch and watching tv and that’s when it happened.”
She stops fiddling with arms and quits looking for the tag, “When what happened?” she asks in a bold manner.
“There was a commercial for male enhancement pills and I thought to myself ‘Women don’t have to worry about getting it up’ and I looked to the suit and started touching myself”
“No,” she interrupts in disbelief, “Josh tell me you didn’t.”
“Ugh, I did. As soon as I started I just felt so hot and didn’t want to stop. Playing with the clit and massaging the breasts was pushing me to the edge. I didn’t know I’d be able to feel those things. Then I came, and as soon as I did the suit tightened super hard and crushed into me from every angle. I mean everything was crushed. That’s when I knew something was wrong. OWW!” Amy just yanked your hair.
“Dammit Josh, this is you now. I don’t know any way to get you out of this bodysuit. Have you looked in a mirror lately? There’s no male body under that skin.” You realize she’s right as you rest your hands on your smooth hips and feel the cool gym air between your legs.


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