Strange girl

Few days ago my friend brought a girl home. She was cute and i was glad he finally got lucky so i left our flat to give them some space. I didn’t know yet it’s the begining of the most bizzare events in my life.
When i got back at the morning the girl was gone. I asked Kyle how it was but he looked at me like i was on drugs “What girl?” He asked. I told him everything about how he took her to our flat but he didn’t remember it.

Next day i was Kyle and he had long hair. How was that even possible to grow hair this quick. What was even stranger he didn’t found it odd and continued his day as nothing happened. When he passed by i noticed his walk was a bit feminine.
Another day and another weird event. When Kyle came up to me he was wearing girls clothes and make up. I was stunned, what the hell was wrong with him. His looks was also a bit diffirent. His body was smaller, his skin softer and his face more feminine. Looking further at him i noticed his hips were a little bit wider and he had small but visible breasts. Again Kyle didn’t found it strange, maybe because his behavior was also changing.

If you think that was weird wait till i tell you what happened on the third day. I went to Kyle’s room to check on him but i didn’t found him there. Instead there was the girl he brought home a few day’s ago. “Kyle?” I asked. “Kyle is no longer here” The girl had an evil grin. “Who are you? What do you want?” My legs were shaking. “I have many names. As for what i want? I want to live again but for that i need a host. Thanks to your friend i finally got a body, i didn’t want it to be a male so i had to do a few changes” She said. “Give him back” I demanded. “Come and take him” She laughed in a demonic voice and twisted her head 360 degrees. As embarrasing as it is, i must admit i had shit my pants back then. I ran from the flat to seek help.

My friend Mike was a beliving person. He recomended an exorcist so we went to look for one. You found Father Paul who was willing to help. When we got back the demon was still there. We waited with Mark as Father Paul was doing his job. After three hours the door opened. “The demon is gone but i’m afraid your friend went through some irreversible changes”. Me and Mike looked at eachother and slowly went to the room. There we saw the girl, still in her underwear. “Steven? What happened? Why i’m a girl” She said. I quickly went to her and grabbed her tightly. “You’re back Kyle! It’s really you in there” I was so happy.
Later i explained everything. Kyle hardly belived my story but his body was the proof i was telling the truth. Now Kyle just have to adapt and learn how to live with his new body. It was a long proces but eventually he got used to being a woman.


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