Regaining memories

Mark lay confused on the bed. He was in his parent’s bedroom, trying to focus on the events of the last week. His father was sleeping next to him but what worried him more was the fact they were both naked. Mark removed the sheet covering his body and gazed at his mothers breasts now hanging from his chest. “My god” Mark said remembering what happened. He rushed to the bathroom not bothering about putting something on. In the mirror he saw his mother’s body in its full glory, the body he was trapped in since the accident with a swapping remote

A week ago Mark played with the remote but he must have clicked something and it got out of control. Mark ended up in the body of his mother, Linda. The remote messed with his mind and Mark really belived he is Linda and he always was. Without any memories he acted like his mom. He was cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and everything else his mother would normally do. Mark spend a week like this until now, when his memories were slowly coming back. Some of them were extremely disturbing to the teenage boy. Ecpecially those intimate with his father. Mark couldn’t belive what he was doing in this body. A cold shiver went through his body when he realized why he was naked in the first place. The moans comming out from his mouth as his father was thrusting inside him last night echoed in his mind. But that wasn’t his biggest problem. While he was cleaning the house two days ago he found the remote. It appeared to be broken so he throwed it in the thrash. Mark just realized that his situation has got far worse and it’s only the begining.


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