Steve was a douche bag with a super hot girlfriend named Miranda. Steve’s friends didn’t think that he appreciated Miranda enough and felt that he didn’t deserve her. During Spring Break they all went to go hang out by the pool at their hotel. When Miranda went to go get drinks for her and Steve while Steve lazily lounged on a long beach chair in his hipster hat and sunglasses, his friend Jimmy took a picture of him with his smartphone. Jimmy and the others were excited as Jimmy used his new magic App called “PhotoReal” to change Steve’s picture. Steve’s friends all laughed as Jimmy clicked “Transform”, and Steve instantly transformed into a gorgeous blonde woman with big boobs and erect nipples in an embarrassingly small swimsuit. Shocked, Steve jumped up out of her seat and examined her new body in confusion. She then noticed her friends laughing at her. Her big boobs bounced as she walked over to Jimmy and grabbed for his phone. After wrestling for the phone, the enraged, humiliated female Steve barely managed to snatch it away from Jimmy. As Miranda came back with the drinks, Steve quickly grabbed her long sleeved male shirt and put it on in a desperate attempt to cover herself, then she walked away from her girlfriend with Jimmy’s phone, hoping that she could figure out a way to change back before Miranda saw her. However, little did Steve know, while wrestling for the phone, Jimmy had accidentally deleted the original picture of Steve. This meant that Steve’s transformation was now permanent. Hopefully, both Miranda and “Stef” could find guys that would appreciate them.


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