Story about a guy named Lucky

Lucky didn’t live up to his namesake. An orphan, it seemed like things never went Lucky’s way. He was always hanging out with the wrong crowd, doing the wrong things, and stuggling just to get by. When he was 18 he was flat broke and his options were live on the street or sell drugs to get by. He decided to try selling drugs and got busted on his first sale. After a couple years in lock up Lucky got released. With no where to go and no real friends he could rely on, Lucky ended up on the streets after all. The only thing he owned any more that was worth anything was the pair of glasses he needed to see.

“Spare change?” Lucky asked as a pair of well dressed men went by. It was hard to tell with the well dressed ones. A lot of them were assholes, but every now and then you’d get one who’d give you a lot of money.

The men paused and turned and looked at Lucky, then looked back at each other.

“Pathetic.” One said.

“I disagree, he’s doing the best he can with what he was given.” The other said, pretending Lucky wasn’t standing right in front of them.

“Oh really? And I suppose you think if you were to give him something else he’d do better then?” The first said again.

“Yeah I do.” The second said. “In fact, I bet I can make one minor change to him and turn his whole life around.”

“Oh really? How much will you bet?” The first asked.

“One year as the other’s slave. But we’ve got to wait a month to see how it works out.” The second replied.

“Deal.” The first said and smirked.

The second one turned to Lucky and smiled. “Hi.”

“You two lawyers or something?” Lucky asked, quite confused.

“Quite the opposite. Lawyers interpret law. We’re more about breaking laws.” The first said.

“Gangsters?” Lucky asked, “I don’t want nothing to do with no gangs.”

“Hardly. We’re not concerned with breaking your silly civic laws. Or even your moral ones. We break the laws of nature. We reshape reality.” The second said, still smiling.

“Ohhh Kaaay mister.” Lucky said and started to back away. These two were crazy.

“One minor change.” The first repeated.

“Right.” The second said and waved his hands at Lucky.

Lucky gasped as his whole body felt like it was being squeezed. The man in front of him got taller and Lucky felt his body shifting around awkwardly inside of his clothes. They’d been baggy before, but now they didn’t fit at all.

“What the hell?” Lucky asked in a high pitched voice.

“Cute.” The first said, “But it won’t change anything.”

“Give it a month.” The second said and the two of them turned and walked away.

“Hey, wait!” Lucky called out in his strange sounding voice.

“We’ll be watching!” The second guy called back as they turned a corner.

“Shit!” Lucky cursed and tried to chase after them. He made it two steps before he tripped and fell face first onto the side walk.

That was when he felt them. Two lumps on his chest that made contact and responded in a way they never had before. It hurt. Lucky reached his hand under his baggy clothes to rub them.

Despite all his misfortune, Lucky had gotten lucky on occasion before he went to prison. He knew a tit when he felt it. A quick check of his crotch confirmed it. He was a chick. He got up and hobbled over to a window. He was still wearing the same glasses, but other than that his face looked completely different. He looked like a chick, and a cute one at that. He was a lot shorter and had shoulder length blond hair. He really wanted to know what his body looked like without all these baggy clothes.

The two strange men were long gone by the time Lucky made it around the corner. It was getting late. Lucky headed back to the homeless shelter. They fixed him up with some women’s clothes and let him take a shower. Lucky would have thought getting into the women’s bathroom would be a perk, but most of the women in the shelter weren’t much to look at. Not like him. That was when he first saw his new body in all it’s glory. He was very cute. Nice tits and clear skin. Almostly completely hairless. He resisted the urge to explore his body as he showered. He thought all the other women kept looking at him.

He woke up the next day still very much a woman. He went to a soup kitchen and sat by himself at a table as he ate.

That was when Martin sat down bext to Lucky. Martin volunteered at the kitchen. He started talking to Lucky. He was very sweet and patient when Lucky refused to talk about himself. It was about half an hour later when Lucky realized Martin was flirting with him!

Lucky came back the next day and Martin was there again. They talked more and Lucky revealed some of his past. Well her past. She kept the story the same, it didn’t really matter that she used to be a man so far as the story of her life went. She pretended like she’d always been a girl.

The next day Martin asked her out on a date. Nothing fancy, just a picnic of sandwiches in the park. Lucky decided a free meal was a free meal and accepted. Besides Martin was nice.

Martin was extremely sweet on the date. He encouraged Lucky to get a job, even if it wasn’t glamorous. He told her she could do anything if she worked at it. Lucky had never had anyone support her like that before. She ended the date with a short kiss. She had to admit it was very nice.

The next day she didn’t see Martin and realized how much she missed him. She worried something terrible had happened to him. Bad things always happened to Lucky and the people around her.

She waited out back of the soup kitchen the following morning and when Martin showed up her heart leapt into her throat. She ran to him and kissed him, this time much more passionately.

By the end of the month Lucky had a job at a fast food restaurant and was living with Martin. She had a whole bunch of new clothes and ate three solid meals a day. The only reminder of her old life was the glasses she still kept. “Lucy”, as Lucky called herself at work, had never been happier. Even if work was dull and she hated it she had something to work for now. She wanted to make Martin happy, and Martin wanted her to work. Plus the sex was pretty amazing. She started to wonder if Martin would be OK with her being a stay at home mom… That was a question for another time.

One day she was taking orders at work when a man in a suit came up to the counter. He had a ridiculous looking woman clinging to his arm. Her head barely made it up to his nipples, but her tits were bigger than his head. Her face had big puffy lips and her hips were as wide as her obscene tits, giving her an exaggerated hourglass figure.

“Hi.” The man in the suit said. There was something in his voice that was familiar…

“You!” Lucky shouted and pointed at the man. He was the one that did this to her!

“Can we just order and go? I want to blow you while you eat in the car.” The woman asked, tilting her head up to look into the man’s eyes as she talked.

“Sure. I’ll have one cheeseburger and one strawberry shake.” The man said.

“And fries.” The girl added and looked up at the man. “Hey I want fries with your cum. Don’t judge me.”

“And fries.” The man said and pulled out his wallet.

“You did this to me!” Lucky shouted hoarsely.

“I did and look where you are. I’d say you turned your life around. You don’t need to thank me, I just did it for the bet.” The man said.

“You should have made her a cartoonish slut like me.” The woman on his arm said, “Then she’d be even better off.”

“Quiet.” The man said and the woman on his arm tried to speak, but no sound came out. “How much?”

Lucky stared blankly at the two of them for awhile. “$8.48” Lucky eventually said. The man handed her the money and walked down to the pick up station, the girl never letting go of his arm.

Lucky knew she should chase after them. Get them to fix this. Turn her back into a man. Well she knew she should want that. She stared at them and realized that she didn’t. Since her change she really had been Lucky. Why would she want to go back?


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