Man Card Revoked

As Harry pulled down his new sheer hose, he realized the only thing left of his former male persona was his white jacket! His buddies caught him crying during a movie, and revoked his man card. They had the ability to do this for real, taking away his manhood but leaving something behind to show what the revoked men what they had lost.

After Ted revoked Harry’s man card, the only thing left was his jacket, and he was beginning to panic as he found his new vagina, trying to balance in the new high heels now firm on his tiny new feet. The hair hanging in his vision as well as the new twin weights in a bra on his chest, showed him he was in fact on the other side of the fence now.

Ted looked at Harry, along with the other guys, “So on this Friday night guys night, we have a woman here now with us, Harriet! We’re sorry babe, but this is a man’s night, and you’re not a man, at least not any longer! No worries thought, you have all weekend to figure out your new life. After that you’ll have to make a new life, your old one is gone, and I doubt your chauvinistic boss will want you Monday either! Better get used to saying, ‘Hi, I’m Harriet, can I take your order?'”

Harriet screamed, “You can’t do this to me!”

Ted screamed back, “Oh yes we can, and we did. Not leave WOMAN!”

Harriet had no choice but to leave, she was no longer a guy so couldn’t hang out with the guys any longer.


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