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Trying the new suit on

“Andrew, you really look like a woman” Tom told his best friend. He crossed his legs, and smiled while looking at Tom. “I don’t look like woman. I am a woman” Andrew said. “And please, call me Audrey… By the way these are as real as they get” Audrey said while pointing at her breasts. “But how is that possible?” Tom asked. “Bodysuits love” Audrey said mockinly. “So, it is only a suit? you are inside of it?” Tom questioned her. “No, well, yes… for a few more minutes. As we speak, I can feel the suit merging with my own body. I don’t even feel my cock anymore” Audrey said. Read more

Race Saving Aliens

The Valarians, an alien race from galaxy M-33 or The Triangulum Galaxy, had reach the Milky Way Galaxy, and more importantly Earth. They had been searching the cosmos for viable biological subjects they could transform for reproduction to continue their species. Their DNA pool could no longer be used, even by transforming males to females, as they females were dying off. Soon, they need fresh subjects to make into females to carry their young, and reproduce. They did not want hybrids, however, so opted to change their subjects into their race, or close enough, and female of course for reproduction. Read more

Saint Peter’s a Dick

Brad had a feeling he might’ve made a mistake crossing the street when he looked up from his phone in time to see the eighteen-wheeler slam into him. When he opened his eyes on a bright, blue abyss with a single stairway rising skyward, he felt even more nervous. But it wasn’t until he saw the dude in the suit coming down to meet him that he realized he well and truly fucked up. Only assholes wore suits. Read more

Still Have Power

Being the CEO of a business I started after college changed me. I wielded an immense amount of power. All my employees looked up to me and at the same time were afraid to screw up, after all I had been known to fire someone on the spot for this. I thought I was invincible which is why I went home with that woman I met at the grocery store. She got me to go down to her basement and somehow overpowered me. She tied me up to a bed, cut my clothes off, and then bit me on my inner thigh! Read more