“Go on Sophia” Poppy (17) urged as she held her phone up to take a picture. Sophia (16) looked around at the two grinning face of her to friends “it’s going to be so funny” Katie (16) added. Sophia smiled and prepared herself, this picture was going on Facebook all her classmates were going to see it, would they think she was a slut, would she finally get notice by the boys. She opened her mouth and lowed it towards the weird statue as she did she looked at the object she was about to put inside of her. She thought it might be a banana or a tool of some sort, the monument looked like it was ten different people all in a circle being melted together. Each statue had this strange object on them, when Poppy and Katie showed her the odd metal art work in the woods and suggest it would make a funny photo she’d been draw to this one.

It was odd that the metal felt warm in her hands even through it was a cold winters day. Sophia wrapped her plump lips around the dick shaped object and waited for Poppy to take the picture. Suddenly Katie lunged forward and grabbed Sophia’s head, Sophia tried to lift her head but she couldn’t, she cry out in pain as it felt like Katie was trying to force the object down her throat. It took Sophia a second to realise that her head was not moving instead the object was getting bigger, she screamed out again but now the object filled her whole mouth so now it sounded like a muffed moan.

Sophia felt a hot liquid hit the back of her mouth, she tried to split it out but her movement seem to encourage more liquid out. She felt Katie let go of her head and step back, Sophia for the last time to lift her head but she didn’t have the energy. As the liquid filled her belly her pussy felt like it was on fire, she’d never felt like this she want more. As she began to suck harder on the shaft, she had one orgasm after another her cunt spraying juices down her legs, now she knew why Katie had wet jeans when she turned up.

Sophia’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she was possessed, Poppy took the picture at that moment, Sophia’s body slouched and then blinked a few times. Katie, with strengthen a teenage girl shouldn’t have picked her up and place her a few feet away in the leaves.


Sophia’s body regain consciousness a short while later she could hear Poppy on the phone with her sister, she was inviting her to come see what they found. The soul checked out its new body, it pushed its tits together and grunted in satisfaction at the cleavage, its pussy juices were already drying thanks to its hotter body temperature. Lastly it checked its large belly, it looked like she was a few mouths pregnant, luckily it was winter so the girls were wrapped up warm so no one should notice the large stomach before it was fully absorbed into Sophia’s body. Sophia turned as she heard the snapping of branches as Jade approached she smiled, another one entered the trap.


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