Coming out with a twist

“How do you like them? Because I like them very much”, Rick said and pushed out his chest a little bit more to show his ample clevage.

“Um, they look nice”, Adam replied, in mild shock.

“They should. Thanks for giving me them. That magic gem that you are holding really is something”. Rick began to twirl around to give himself a good look of his new bum.

“Um, yeah. No problem. Wasn´t prepared when you said you wanted to become a hot girl”.

“Really? You never noticed the longing looks I gave the girls that passed me when we were out in the town. I wanted to be like them”.

“I always thought you thought they looked sexy”, Adam said, still somewhat confused.

“They did look sexy! But I wanted to be like them, not shag them”. Rick´s big eyes looked deeply into Adams when she said it.
“Whenever I saw a girl I silently thought to myself: “that one got nice legs. Those are the ones I would want if I had been a girl”, or “That hair she have over there looks so lucious, I want it”. I envied their bodies and how they walked. They could get so much just by how they looked and moved.”

Adam didn´t say anything in response. It all fell into place now. Rick´s lack of a steady girlfriend and his deep knowledge of the female body. Adam had told Rick more than once that with amount of knowledge he could get any girl he wanted and make her climax with almost no effort at all. Those advices had greatly helped Adam when he was at the bars picking up girls.
He had made more than one girl scream out his name.

“Do you like what you see of the rest of me?”, Rick´s soft female voice inquired.

Adam looked up from his thoughts. It was hard not to take in the perfection of the female specimen in front of him. Her long legs, heartshaped butt and big bust hit all the correct strings inside of him. She was athletic and her face….her face was an amalgam of Scarlett Johanssen, Angelina Jolie and Katy Perry, with a touch of next-door girl.
He gulped. It was like her blue eyes gazed straight into his soul.
“I…I…think you look very attractive”.

“Really?!”, Rick said happily, taking Adams hands and jumped up and down on the spot.
“Because I´ve always liked you, a bit more than a friend. That´s why I wanted to hang out with you so much. Sometimes when I looked at you my heart raced and….”

Adam had a hunch where this were going but he asked anyway. “…and?”

“….and I fell in love with you. But I could never show it”, Rick meekly said.

“This…this….is a bit too much to take in. First you give me a magical gem and tell me to imagine you as a girl and then my best friend says he has been a closet gay, wanting to be a woman for a long time”.
“I need some time to process this. I would be grateful if you didn´t contact me until I`m done thinking”. He was just about to turn around and walk away.

Rick felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. She had hoped so much that Adam would have accepted her and her feelings. It felt so good to be completely honest for the first time in her life but now she felt rejected.
The sense of panic began to rise in her and she got desperate.
Her hand shot out and grabbed the magical gem that Adam was holding and snatched it from his grip and began to channel her will into it.
Adam stopped right in his tracks and rubbed his eyes as if just woken up from sleep.
“Oh, hi Bree. Didn´t see you, babe”, Adam said with a warm smile.
“Suprise!”, she called out and flung her arms up in the air.
Not missing the opportunity Adam stepped forward and hugged his girlfriend. Those big boobs of hers was sticking out so invitingly he would be stupid missing the chance of feeling them mashed up against his own chest.
“Whaddya say?”, Adam said with a gleam in his eyes, “You are more naked than dressed. Let´s get rid of the rest of your clothes as well and hit the bed together”.
Not saying a word Bree pulled off her tank top, exposing her perfect and pert breast, and gave Adam an impish smile.


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