Flowery Dress

When my wife said she would give me twenty dollars if I wore the flowery dress that she just bought I thought it was an easy way to make money. So I put the dress on. Little did I know that she bought it from the TG store.
Within seconds I had become a girl with red hair and long smooth legs. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe she’d done this to me.
She thought she would be doing me a favour by allowing me to experience being a woman. However, she didn’t think it through, little did she know that the change is permanent.
I can accept being a woman but I can’t accept the fact that my wife did this to me. I’m just so angry.
However, despite the fact I may never talk to my wife again. I love my new form. I mean look at me. I am concerned however, that the TG store may end the human race. After all being a woman is better and if all the men become women which is to be expected, the human race would expire.


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