Sometimes revealing things while drunk is a good t

I had wandered outside at a party and was pretty drunk when I started talking to Wendy. We’d both been dumped recently and started talking about what made for good partners. Then we started talking about what we wanted in partners. Then we started talking about our sexual fantasies.

Wendy thought my fantasy of turning into a woman was unmanly, and said that up until I told her that she’d been thinking about screwing me. I pouted but then Wendy laughed and promised me I wouldn’t be going home alone tonight. She started chanting and waving her hands and my whole body started to tingle and glow. It got so bright I had to close my eyes. When I opened them I gasped in a feminine voice and looked down at my chest. I was a woman. Wendy told me to go live out my fantasy and come back to her afterwards and then she drifted back to the party. After briefly checking out my new body and straightening my new female clothing I went back inside too.

I knew what I had to do. I had to make my fantasy come true. I blushed as Mark came over and started chatting me up. We’d been friends for years, but had Mark always been so hot? I pretended to be a cousin of mine while we flirted. It didn’t take long before I was leading Mark upstairs to one of the bedrooms. Our making out quickly got more intense and we stripped. Mark pushed me over and held me in place as he approached me from behind and plunged into me.

I loved this. I stared into Mark’s eyes and felt so small, so helpless as he held me in place. As horny and wet as my pussy was I couldn’t resist as he pushed himself into my ass. I couldn’t speak a word of protest as his big cock stretched my asshole. I couldn’t even not enjoy it. All I could do was whimper and moan and stare into his eyes. I knew I never wanted to go back to being a man again.


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