The App

It was just a simple thing they said. Really exciting they said. Well I tried the app, and it was like a feminized me but in a dress-up game, like the weird flash games online. So I carefully chose some c-cup breasts a nice ace, a tight fitting short, my dream girl, then I hit submit.
It was a tidal wave of feeling. First my hair came into vision, but it was a lighter blonde color. then my whole body got shorter and weaker along with my limbs. It was then as I saw the app switch into a mirror when the girl I “submitted” was the one I was transforming into. But the best was yet to come, my dick caved in, and then there was a new female slit, (along with the hormones) that also saw my spine crack inwards. After that I felt a pressure on my chest that built, and I saw breasts! The my clothes changed to the revealing tanktop that I chose.
God I looked so good that I gave the app a good review, and posted pictures to my friends.


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