I’m lovin’ it

“Take it deep,” Ryan said as though I wasn’t going to do that already. I leaned forward on my hands and knees and felt a thrill of excitement as his cock slid down my throat.

“That’s a good girl… Yes, girl. You like being a girl don’t you Joe?” Ryan said and I closed my eyes and focused on my work. The feeling of him fucking my throat was incredible.

“Mhhh, yeah. You like having a pussy and tits. You like sucking cock. I didn’t believe you when you told me that you’d been cursed. Who believes in curses anyways? You hear a few magic words and POOF, you turn into a chick.” Ryan talked as I ran my tongue over his cock. I was impressed with his ability to stay so coherent while getting a BJ.

“Not just a chick, but a horny chick who would do whatever a guy told her to do. You must have really pissed off that witch.” Ryan said. I moaned on his cock and felt my pussy twitch, I loved that he had this much power over me. “And then you tell me about it… Well I hope you love my cock cause I’m gonna keep you as my bitch for a long time…”

I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice. There was no `witch’, I’d cast the curse on myself. All anyone had to say within ear shot of me was `Hibbledy Bibbledy’ and POOF, I’d turn into a woman for 24 hours. If someone said `Hibbledy Bibbledy’ within ear shot of me before 24 hours were up, the clock would reset. As for the submissive part… well I’m not sure how much of that was the spell actually. I always was submissive and when Ryan had commanded me to suck his cock I did it without hesitation. I’d always fantasized about being a girl who was just a sexual play thing for a man. As I deep throated him I wasn’t sure what he could ask me to do that I wouldn’t have been up for already. It was going to be an interesting however long it would be until Ryan got bored with me.


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