Something Special

It was an important part of our plan. We needed to lure Jessica away from the others, and given her reputation it came as no surprise that seduction was our method of choice.

“Why me?” Was the only question I had.

The gang seemed in consensus. “You’re the shapeshifter, you can temp her the best out of anyone, right?” They had a point, but I saw one issue: Jessica has had everyone around, boys and girls alike. Seduction was her expertise, and she’d never be tempted by anyone when she could have the pick of the litter herself… but my concerns fell on deaf ears. “Be creative then,” was all the advice I got.

And so I was. What Jessica saw would have stopped anyone dead in their tracks; an exact double of her, down to the last detail, walking by her post and swaying her hips in the way that only Jessica’s body was able to do. When I turned to her and waved, I could see in her eyes that I had reached something inside her that no other body would have been able to do.

She followed a few paces behind me as I made my way into a nearby closet. I couldn’t wait for her to have her way with me.


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