From Homeless to Hot girl

I was a homeless person on the street when one day a man gave me a coin saying it was magic,It has always went wrong in my life, I lost my job and I have never had a family, I always gave my best but I always had bad luck.
This magic coin could change my life, start over again, but I wanted to be different, I I did not want to work hard like in my entire life.
So when I saw this beautiful girl passing me close, looking at me disgusted,I wished to be like her, beautiful, young, rich with a boyfriend who loves her. As soon I thought this I was no longer staring at her perfect ass but the world changed and I found myself in his place disoriented. I looked around and turning back I saw my old dirt body on the floor looking at me with a look of terror I could not help but smile thinking that I had her body and her life.
“Something wrong babe?” said her boyfriend to me. Suddenly I knew his name, and the most important moments of my new life, I could not help but smile again.
“No, absolutely nothing, I’ve never felt better,” I replied and gave him the most passionate kiss of my life. it felt so good, I felt all his love for me. I gave a last look at my old body that had not yet understood what had happened and I went away swinging my hips to give her one last look at her old gorgeous body.

A month later I have never been more happy to be a hot girl, i don’t need to work but just keep my body in shape, i love dressing sexy and feel my boyfriend hard cock when he hugs me,sex has never been so great he knows how to please me.

And here I am with the new car that my fiancé gave me for my birthday. He asked me to marry him saying he was never so happy as last month, when I told him yes I was crying, I could finally have a family and be happy.


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