So much better

My girlfriend used to hate this girl. I didn’t think much of her, but yes, she was… original.
I couldn’t deny that there was something I liked about her though.
Was it her small frame? The way she dresses? Her odd personality?
She was much younger than me, and didn’t seem that smart, but gradually, I took a liking to her.

My girlfriend started noticing that. One day, as she sneakily searched in my phone, she found that I liked some of her Instagram posts.
She grew mad, and somehow cursed my phone.

The second I touched it, the transformation began.
I felt light-headed, and the world began to fade around me. I could only see my body, the environment was sort of blurred out.
It began with the hand that my phone was in. My nails grew longer, to a point… I found it awful. But as my hands were getting smaller, thinner, and cuter, in a way, I began to like my nails. I imagined them with nail polish on, and it appeared.

The transformation continued through my entire body. My clothes changed at the same time. For a moment, my body was 80% male, but wearing cute girl clothes. It looked so strange.
I thought it would be better with a girlier body. That’s when I became thinner, lost height, weight, but gained “mass” in some places.
My body was now entirely feminine, pale, and small… Like hers.

I pictured her and my face began melting. I couldn’t see what was happening but it felt incredibly good. I guess something happened to my brain as well. All I could think of now was that iPhone in my hand. I had to take a selfie, to look at myself, to share my beauty to the world.

I didn’t mind losing my old life, what I gained was so much better.


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