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Hey look at me. One quick jab and a simple injection and you can be a girl too. I was a man and look at me now. I’m sexy as fuck and I’m paid to wear these sexy clothes and help men like you discover the wonder of being female. So come on, it won’t hurt and I guarantee you’ll love it.

Smoke and Poke

House-sitting for my Aunt Becky was something I always enjoyed. Although she was old, she had a million different channels on her TV, she had an awesome pool out back, and it gave me a place to smoke the herb without worrying about somebody showing up. Read more


When Tyler went out on the town, he didn’t go home until he got some pussy, and sometimes, on a slow night he needed a little help. He wasn’t talking roofies–the prospect of fucking an unresponsive body creeped him out, and besides, he wasn’t about to do anything illegal. No, the stuff that he used technically didn’t exist (at least not officially) so there was no legislation against it. It was a win-win situation all the way. Read more

The Ultimate Fight

The bell knell across the ring. Oliver watched his bloodied adversary, Stanley, drag himself toward his corner. He collapsed beside his coach puking blood and was barely holding onto his consciousness. The coach injected a syringe of steroid and mended his wounds. Oliver, on the other hand, returned to his own corner unscathed. This was the end of 4th round. However, despite the unusual payout, Oliver was beginning to regret having agreed to appear this stage that night. He knew what was coming. Read more

New Order Pt. 3

Here we see Ms. Cummings in her new role as a pleasure administrator. As you can see her client is obviously enjoying his service, but so is Ms. Cummings. This is a result of her conditioning with our rehabilitation program. Whether she settles as a married woman or moves up in the pleasure service, she will always seek to increase the pleasure of her partner, which also increase her own. She will make a fine addition.

An Agreement Amongst Friends

It was our final year of college when my friends and I made a bet. We’d been friends for years, we were close since childhood, even going to the same college to be together. Things were great between us, but yet not one of us was able to find a girl that would stay with us for any extended period of time. Because apparently as friends we were too close. So we made a decision. Jason would get a degree in business, Zach would get a degree in cyber tech, and I (Frankie) would get a degree in economics. It was only a couple of years after college that I finished my transition. You see Jason and Zach would make the money for our new family, and I would manage the finances and please my two hard working men. As you can see it’s an agreement we all enjoy. With utilizing the most recent advances in bio-medical tech, it might be possible for us to soon have the tiny patter of feet in our unique household. As you can see we’re trying quite exuberantly.

Hi Everybody

Hi Everybody! For those of you who don’t know, my name’s Frankie O’Reily and I just lost a really big bet with all of my dorm mates. So after taking a little Xchange pill I’m ready to be these guys personal little cum dump for the rest of the semester. I hope you enjoy watching our daily updates. I know I’ll love making them. Bye! 🙂

New Form of Punishment

Here Gentlemen we can see one of our newest inmates receiving their daily community service. Frankie here was once a gun smuggler for a white supremacy group down in Georgia. When we got him here at our fine establishment we knew exactly what to do with him. With the most recent set of drugs and nanites available to us we reformed Frankie into a loving and willing citizen that aims to please. As you can see here both she and Mr. Jones enjoy there daily community service,