Couldn’t resist no more.

Michael had landed in his daughters 18 year old body thanks to the great shift which was a disturbing place for him to be.

Not only was he now a teenage girl but his own daughter with a body going through some rather extreme hormonal changes & he could not believe how sexually motivated his teenage daughter’s body was.

He had managed to last 5 days in his daughter’s body before he pulled down his knickers and started gently stroking his new flaps and rubbing his clitoris that seem to make all the stress wash away.

He released her large bouncing breasts from beneath his vest with one hand still exciting his clitoris & he started to squeeze his right breast which made him squeal and moan louder as he rolled around on the sticky wet sheets lost in a sea of female hormones as every inch of his new tight female body relaxed and gave itself over to pleasure.


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