We took my friend James to vegas for his bachelor’s party. As a joke we went to a hypnosis show. He was asked on stage. “do you believe on hypnosis” the performer asked him, “no, of course not, it is all a bunch of …” he couldn’t even finish that sentence when the performer snapped his fingers and he fell into a trance. We couldn’t believe it, we were just laughing because if one of us was skeptical of hypnosis it was him. He was asked to act as a dog, a chicken, even as a woman. When the show was over, he was asked to act as himself again. “The mind makes the body” the performer said before waking him up. We all clapped and cheered. We went drinking after the show

The next day we were all hung over. All of my friends went down for breakfast, but James and I stayed at our room. We were just talking, I brought up the whole hypnosis deal to which he replied he didn’t remember anything I was talking about. “I wasn’t hypnotized! he couldn’t do it! don’t you remember” he said. I couldn’t believe he didn’t remember anything. I then told him, “well, he just snapped his fingers like this” I said while snapping my fingers. And he was back again on a trance. I waved my hand over his face, he didn’t even blink. “Well, maybe I can prove he was hypnotized” I thought. “You are not James, you are Amy a really hot brunette” I said. He looked confused, but he said in monotone “the mind makes the body” when he was saying those words, I saw his hair grow longer, his face become feminine, two breasts expand below his shirt, his whole body was of a girl. I couldn’t believe it, I just had to find out. “Take off all your clothes” I instruced him. He… well, she was 100% a woman. Apart from the tattoo on her right arm, you couldn’t tell she used to be James.

“Do you see or feel anything wrong?” I asked her. She pressed her boobs with her arms “I feel like these are new” she said. I smiled, I had a choice right now, try to turn him back to James, or make him believe he has always been a girl. I was about to do the right thing, but I was turned on while looking at her naked body, I just wanted to have sex with her. “Nothing is wrong, you are a woman, you have always been Amy. You are my girlfriend. You love me, you love having sex with me, you love having your breasts licked, your pussy licked, and you will always be faithfull to me… When I snap my fingers, you will forget this conversation, and what I just said will be truth” I said while snapping my fingers.

She bit her lips, took a quick look to the rest of the room, checking if someone else was with us. Then she licked her own breasts “wanna join me?” she said. We had sex all morning. Afterwards, I bought her a long sleeve blouse, something to hide her tattoo. I introduced her to all my friends. They asked about James, but I told them he ran off “he said something about coldfeet and ran away, I thought he was kidding, but he hasn’t come back”.

A few years later I married Amy, and I couldn’t be happier, and I am pretty sure she couldn’t be happier either.


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