Sister gone WILD! Part 2

I picked up what my sister threw and it was a pink bikini and I said “I can not wear this”. My sister answered “you really love it Alana and you know it makes you real sexy”. My mind was screaming NO! but I picked up the bikini and put it on like I have dress as a girl all my life. Megan then handed me her phone and said ” you look great take a sexy selfie so I can send it to Liam he is wondering how you look”. I took the phone and smiled and struck a seductive pose and took the picture and handed the phone back to Megan. Megan read me what she messaged ” Hi I am Alana, Megan’s sister I can not wait to meet you Liam XXOOXX”. Shocked I said ” WAIT DON”T SEND IT!” she pushed the button and said “too late”. Then Megan said “they will be here in a minute and I have not seen Jacob in 2 months since his parent moved them to Huston so I want some time alone with him.”. At that I shouted ” you can not leave me with this Liam alone like this!” and she answered “I can and I will plus you will act just like the kind of girl Liam finds very interesting and you will do what ever it takes to keep him occupied to keep his busy while Jacob and me are giggle busy”.


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