Sister gone WILD! Part 1

My parents would not let my 18 year old sister go to the beach, over spring break ,unless I took her and she was still so pissed about it when we got there the first place she went was the old voodoo shop and bought a doll and came back home. When she got home she showed me the doll and said “Alan my big brother unless you let me do what I want and go where I want during spring break I will use this doll on you.” I laughed and said ” Megan that is why I have to watch you mom and dad know how impulsive you are and how much did you spend on that junk?”. At that she just walked over to me and pulled a hair off my arm and pushed in the doll and said lay on the bed and go to sleep”. I walked to the bed and did not remember anything till heard Megan saying ” wakey wakey Alan or should I call you Alana now”. I sat up and felt long hair on my head and I looked down and said ” FUCK I MUST BE DREAMING”. At the that Megan came over and pinched my new nipple and I scream and she said ” nope not dreaming and I gave all your clothes away but the good news is mine will fit you now”. Then she threw me a bikini and said ” you have to do what I say now Sister, me and Jordan are going to hook up but you are coming too for Flynn his wing man.


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