Being the spoiled daughter

“They are mine now, mine now, mine mine mine!”, little Lucas sang with the voice of his elderly spoiled sister as he kneaded and caressed his new boobies inside his sister’s bikini.
Lucas had always been jealous of his older sister, or only because she was the princess of the family, but also for her body he envied. She always got anything she wanted. Like that navel piercing or the extremely expensive necklace she wore all the time. He instead wasn’t even allowed to get his ear pierced, because it “wasn’t manly and it would cost ‘too much’ money”.
After he finally had enough of the double standards, it all started with a body swap spell he found in an old book he got on his birthday from his loved grandmother, who seemed to be the only person in his family that understood him truly.
The best part of the spell, apart from his luscious new body, was that no one would notice a change. Not only he got her mannerisms and memories, on top of that his stupid sister couldn’t tell anybody, because that would erase her memories of ever being herself.
Lucas loved being the spoiled daughter now and would never give it up again. He felt extremely comfortable living with his new female freedom.
He felt just right, even swinging his hips like that was a pure bliss. What would sex in this body feel like? He had to find out sometime…


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