Sissy Orientation

Every year the every senior girl has to bring a freshman guy to the sorority house so one of them can be the official ‘mascot’ of the sorority. When Jack first came to the house he thought he was getting lucky with Lisa when of the sisters at Kappa Kappa. But once he was in the house he was taken to the basement, to be shaved, dressed and watch sissy porn with all the other boys. Two weeks later to them there’s no greater honour than being the sorority sissy and that’s when the real fun starts. Jack (now Jacqueline) has to make his mistress cum before any of the other girls if he wants to stay in the running for mascot. She loved her new life and there was no way she was going back to her old one as Jack. There was no way he was missing the next round. That’s when the fraternity brothers got involved.


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