Dominate Personality

Thomas nervously watched the beautiful woman he had created. Tall, long shapely legs, long brown hair, curvy body. She was almost perfect. Perfect except for that enormous strap on that jutted from her crotch and the way she fingered that vicious looking whip in her hands. Thomas thought furiously, where had he made a mistake?

Thomas Sellers had been with the company 18 years. He was a good company man. Loyal and hard working. He had moved up, positioning himself to take over when the old man retired. Crushing anyone who got in his way. Then they hired Rick. Young, ambitious, hard charging Rick. A definite threat. Thomas hated him at first sight. He had to go, but none of Thomas’s old tricks seemed to work with Rick. He had a charismatic and dominate personality that just shrugged off all challenges. Well, if the conventional wouldn’t work, there were unconventional means at Thomas’ disposal. From one of his many contacts, Thomas secured a potion. A potion that would not only remove Rick but punish him for daring to threaten Thomas’s self determined destiny. Thomas invited Rick to stop by for a drink just to, as he put it, bury the hatchet. Rick accepted and the potion worked as advertised. Soon, Rick was gone. Replaced by the woman previously described. Thomas stood and gloated at the stunned woman. “Well Ricki, not so smart now, are you. Oh yes, it’s permenant. Your a woman for ever and not just any woman, you’re my woman. You’ll find you’re devoted to only me and unable to ever leave.” Thomas then went to the new woman intending to enjoy the fruits of his creation. I would guess that in his smugness Thomas could be forgiven for not seeing the right hook that caught him on the point of his chin knocking him into a sea of darkness. When Thomas came to, he found himself bound and gagged on his bed. His bare ass exposed to the world. Then he saw Ricki and where the hell had she got that outfit? Then she saw that Thomas was awake.

“Good morning Tommy, have a nice nap? That potion worked. I tried to leave, but just couldn’t. It looks like I am yours forever, but Tommy, that also means you’re mine also. You like my outfit? It’s amazing what you can find on the internet. I’ve always had a dominate personality and that hasn’t changed. So Tommy Dear, from now on you can call me Mistress Ricki or just plain Mistress if you prefer. I just know you’re going to love these toys I got us. I know I am. And Tommy Dear, thanks to your potion, we can enjoy them forever.


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