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Magic Bra

When my girlfriend told me she had a magic bra I laughed pretty obnoxiously at her and called her a dumb bimbo. She said
“How about this? You wear that bra for fifteen minutes and then we can do whatever you want.”
I agreed automatically and threw the bra on. I felt pretty ridiculous but i figured it was worth. I started to walk towards my girlfriend and that’s when i noticed the jiggled. I had grown tits! They were small and perky so i started to jiggle the bra some more. My chest started to get bigger and i could feel other changes happening as well. My lips were getting softer and my hair was growing out. I could feel my IQ drop as all i could seem to think about was sex. That’s when my girlfriend took the bra off me and looked my up and down.
“Well your fifteen minutes are up. So what do you wanna do?”
I was still in shock but i knew exactly what i wanted.
“Maybe you could show me how to work your dildo?”


“What you said to entertain him?”
I started to get dressed again in the clothes I had worn the other night. My friend Jane wanted to sneak away from her fiance for one last night of freedom to hook up with whoever she wanted with her girlfriends before she got married.
“Yeah I meant watch a movie. Not blow my fiance you slut!”
Me an Jane have been friends for years so when she needed to distract her fiance for the night she came to me. She told her fiance she wanted him to get to know her sister. So she gave me some purple drink and I became Jane’s sister Paula for the night, my hair grew out, lips got softer, my chest expanded and then I felt my penis shrink away and turn into my new pussy. I was on board to help out a friend but my new body had other ideas. We started talking and having fun but then he brushed up against me and I liked the feeling. I started to brush up against him. He started rubbing my nipples and I could feel his cock getting harder as he moved it against my pussy. I completely forgot about Jane and everything else all I wanted was his cock. I needed to feel what it was like to suck it right before he fucked me with it. I became the biggest cock whore in the world for him.
“Yano the liquid should last for a few more hours. And I’ve always wanted to try a threeway?”

Webcam Master

I stared into the webcam looking to see my master’s name pop up. He had given me so much since the great shift had happened, clothes, money and a home. All I had to do was be his and let him do whatever he wanted to do to me (And do the occasional naughty cam show). It felt strange at first but after a while I started to enjoy it. I felt thirsty if he hadn’t cum in my mouth and my new pussy felt empty without his big veiny cock inside of it. But he had gone away to get one of his new girls ‘settled’. I prayed that he would watch my cam show tonight, so he could see how much I missed him. When his name popped up I started to fuck myself as hard as I could and I started to shout his name. He needed to know that this was all for him.


I stood bent over with the rest of the girls ready for inspection. We had all come in to the academy at the same time and grown quite close. We first bonded by complaining about our wives for sending us to this strange place, then about silly frilly outfits they forced us to wear, then about surgeries and now about how cute the man was who gave us our weekly inspection. I felt him stand over me and trace the curves of my backside with his finger. I couldn’t but get a little excited and lean into it. Suddenly the finger moved away and the man was cupping my new breasts. “Good size.” He said as he weigh them in his hands. He started to rotate his thumbs around my nipples and I couldn’t help releasing a whimper of pleasure. He leaned further in and I could feel his hard cock pressed against my ass. I whimpered louder just begging him to throw me on a bed and fuck me like a real man. And then he had moved on to the next girl. God dd I have a story to tell the girls tonight.

Sissy Orientation

Every year the every senior girl has to bring a freshman guy to the sorority house so one of them can be the official ‘mascot’ of the sorority. When Jack first came to the house he thought he was getting lucky with Lisa when of the sisters at Kappa Kappa. But once he was in the house he was taken to the basement, to be shaved, dressed and watch sissy porn with all the other boys. Two weeks later to them there’s no greater honour than being the sorority sissy and that’s when the real fun starts. Jack (now Jacqueline) has to make his mistress cum before any of the other girls if he wants to stay in the running for mascot. She loved her new life and there was no way she was going back to her old one as Jack. There was no way he was missing the next round. That’s when the fraternity brothers got involved.

My Wife

I was never a good husband. I drank and cheated but my wife stuck with because of my money. But when I lost my job and all my assets were in her name she made sure to show me that she was in charge.
It started with her picking my outfits, than giving me ‘special’ workout smoothies and making me do chores around the house. But every new day there was something else I had to do or change to stat in her good graces. The sad thing is I think I like my new role as her bitch. I see more satisfaction in her eyes when she’s watching me get fucked up the ass by her new boyfriend than she ever had when we were together. The way I feel when he’s inside of me with my wife watching only makes me want to please her more.

Pretty Please

Swapping bodies with my girlfriend Tiffany was the easy part but I needed to swallow her cum to make the transformation complete. She seemed hesitant at first but once I started getting undressed his body’s urges started taking over. Tiffany never saw the big turn on guys had for cumming on a girls face, until she was tit fucking me. I begged her to show me that I belonged to her and she was more than happy to show me.