Show off (part 2)

It was James turn. He went inside of the changing room. I could hear him openning his backpack. I also heard the rubbery noise from the bodysuit as he was putting it on. “so how does it feel?” I asked him in my girly voice. “It’s amazing” he answered in an even sexier voice than mine. A few minutes later, he yelled at me, “you should come in. I think you would want to see me before I get ready to go out”.

I walked in, and saw a half naked chick, she was even hotter than I. “James?” I asked her. “Yes silly, but you should call me Jane” she said. I was surprised about the way she was talking. “Oh gawd! you look sexier than me” I giggled. Noticing I was acting girly too. “Do you want to skip jogging, and just go straight to bed?” Jane asked me. “I thought you’d never ask” I told her. We grabbed our stuff and drove to her place. In our way home, she asked “I told you call me Jane, what should I call you?”. I smiled, “Katie, from now on I will be Katie”.

We got home, and as soon as we got out of the car, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We kissed, we fingered each other, we licked our breasts and pussies. It was unbelievable. But it wasn’t enough. That very same night we went out clubbing, looking for a guy to have a threesome with.

In case you are wondering, we never took the bodysuits off.


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