She Took It All

Come on! You would think there would be just one sock stuck in the dryer. How could she have gotten rid of all my clothes? My sister had begged me to take her finals for her so she wouldn’t have to go to summer school. She is popular in school, but not a very good student. I, on the other hand, made straight A’s. Humoring her, I said “Sure, if you can figure out just how we could get away with it”. She held out an old medallion and said “Put this on. I found it in Mom’s dresser”. When I did, she touched it with one of her bras and in 30 minutes was her twin. She smiled and said “Now you can take my tests and no one will ever know. When you get back, just put on the medallion and touch a piece of your clothes to it and you’ll change back into you”. Well what the hell. I’d do it. Besides, it might just be fun pretending to be the pretty Miss Karen for a few hours. When I got home there was a note on my bed. “Sorry Kevin but I wasn’t completely honest with you. I’m stuck with summer school no matter how good I do on the finals. I just can’t face an entire summer in school. After you left, I changed into you and I am going on your summer trip to Europe. We’ll swap back at the end of the summer. Have fun in summer school. PS. Don’t bother looking for any of your old clothes, what I’m not taking with me, I got rid of.


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