Karma’s A Bitch

My sister alway told me that I didn’t understand. That I never really tried to understand her. Well, when she got pregnant I decided to rub it in her face. I called her a bitch and she did not take it well. I was tired so I went to bed an in the morning, I felt different. I felt like there was a great weight on my chest and in my stomach. I stood up and itched my boobs and felt an odd pleasure. Wait, boobs? Yep, there they were. Two huge mounds on my chest and when I looke farther down, I saw my huge pregnant belly. I could feel my wet pussy craving to be filled. I was my sister! I got dressed (my sister always slept naked) and went downstairs. In the kitchen I saw a note. On the note were three words. KARMA’S A BITCH. I sat down on the kitchen table wondering what I was going to do when my mother walked in and told me”Lily, don’t be upset, but your brother got drunk last night and died in a car crash.” We both started to cry but for different reasons. I knew that my only chance of getting back to normal had just gotten drunk and died.


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