The Remote

Dave hesitated with his thumb poised on the remote’s button. The same remote his room mate had used to turn Dave into a sexy woman all those months ago. One push and he’d be a man again. No more carrying these enormous tits around. These spectacular sensitive sexy tits. No more wearing slutty women’s clothes. Comfortable, gorgeous, sexy women’s clothes. No more being a walking spectacle whenever he went out. Just a perverted fantasy to every man that saw him. Men who fell all over themselves opening doors, carrying bags and buying drinks. No more spreading his legs for men and their disgusting cocks. Big, hard, tasty cocks and the multiple orgasms they brought. Carefully, Dave removed her thumb from the button and returned the remote where she had found it. Straightening, she relished the feel of her silk blouse as it caressed her sensitive nipples. In anther part of the house, Dave’s room mate watched on a monitor. The hidden camera missing nothing. He had been sure Dave had finally embraced being a woman and leaving the remote where it would be found was the final test. Of course, he had removed the battery first. Just in case.


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