Alexi (formerly alex) was determined to win, he had to be the price of failure was a life as a woman, possibly more.

It had all happened when alex took a drunk girl home, had sex with her, and in the end impregnated her. Her witch sister lost it when all attempts to contact him failed, when the sister did find him she turned him to the woman you see. After the inevitable freak out alexi was told her new equipment would only be temporary if he could do one thing, get a man to cum inside her without having a orgasm herself. alexi sat there stunned until the witch said something as she left ” and choose the man wisely because he ends up in the same boat as you no matter the outcome”.

Alexi had worked for weeks to get james where she had him in her room, she stood silent waiting for james to come back to his senses after she dropped her dress to the floor. Impatient she made the first move and put james on his back. After she got his clothes off and her panties she mounted him, and when james had hit bottom alexi gasped and had to stifle a moan. james was having the time of his life while alexi spent every second in tortured pleasure knowing the price for even one slip up. Alexi was losing it she knew it, it was going longer than she had planned and her willpower was starting to slip. then it happened, she felt him quicken and breathe faster and she let loose with everything she had until james had the orgasm of a lifetime and time stood still.

The witch spoke to alex and said “wow you did it. i never thought you would win, poor james though is nowhere near as stong as you are and probably will be stuck as a woman. But enough of that enjoy your orgasm, and know that by morning you will have your gender back. Oh one more thing if you want to be want to be a woman again just will it while you masturbate and after climax you will transform again, and be careful not to let guys cum in you unless you want them cursed like you were or are ok ending up pregnant.”

when time started again alexi had her orgasm and collapsed on top of james panting until she fell asleep. alexi was awakened by the sounds of a woman freaking out in the bathroom.
James could not comprehend why the woman in the mirror was mirroring his movements and actions. james was startled when alexi walked up to her and hugged her “sorry but i could not stay a woman forever” alexi said as she got dressed ” i had to pass it on to be a man again, but you can be a man again too all you have to do is get a guy to cum inside you before you have a orgasm and you change back in the morning.” she said as she found clothes for james to wear “just be careful and don’t come before the guy, i am pretty sure you might get knocked up if you do” she said as she left james alone, afraid, and very painfully aware james would no long work as her name.


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