Stick In The Mud

“You guys are crazy!” shouted Dave.

The other three men glared back at him. “Dave, why do you always have to be such a stick in the mud. Oh, we can’t do that. It’s to dangerous or Oh, we’ll get in trouble! Just lighten up man. Have some fun. Live a little.”

“Yeah, Dave. We’ve been experimenting with it for days now. We’ve seen what it can do. We’ve proven that it’s safe.”

“Come on Dave, we all admitted we were curious. Even you.”

Dave was adamant, “There’s no way I’m changing myself into a woman and going out with you three idiots. If you want to be bimbos, fine. But I’m leaving.” With that, Dave left the house.

As Dave walked alone, he began to think. “I can’t believe those three! Wanting to use that alien machine, we found, to have a girls night on the town. Then to get mad at me for refusing. Am I the only sane one in the group? Sure, I may be cautious by nature. Maybe I’m not a risk taker, but I’m not a stick in the mud! Am I? Well, maybe, Sometimes. Still, what could it hurt? I am a bit curious. It does seem safe. Oh what the hell.”

Dave hurried back to the house and slipped into the garage where the MAU stood. He cautiously touched the screen and the image of a busty blonde woman in a tight silver dress appeared. She was beautiful in a bimboish sort of way. That’s got to be Jim’s”, Dave thought., “That’s just his type.” Then with a sigh, “What the hell, we’ll be twins.” With that, Dave stepped inside and touched the crystal.

“Guys, Guys, Have you left yet?” A high breathy voice called as Dave hurried into the den. He stopped in confusion at the sight of his three very unchanged male friends. All three gaped at the blonde beauty with the tantalizing giggles.

Finally one stammered, “Dave? “

“Some weird writing appeared on the screen and we decided you were right.”

“Yeah. We decided to wait till tomorrow”

They hurried back to the garage and sure enough, the MAU had folded itself back into a small box. Dave was stuck. Before long, he began to see his friends in a new light, just a they saw him. One thing was for sure. Dave would never be accused of being a stick in the mud again.


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