She Said She Liked Bald Men

Shawna said she liked bald men, and took one home with her from the bar. Little did she know, that particular man liked having hair, and would do something about getting it back.

“So, Shawna, you like bald men? I’ll give you a bald man,” said Glen the bald guy.

As he and she reached orgasm, they switched bods! Glen open his new mouth in awe at the feeling of sex for a woman, and felt the long silk hair hang from his head. Glen got his hair back.

“Well, Shawna, since you liked bald men so much, let’s see how you like being one! I switched us, and I’m not giving your lovely body back. I have my hair back now, and my is it nice. You on the other had are bald, I guess you won’t have to spend anything on hair product now. Have a nice life, GLEN,” the new Shawna said as she felt her long locks.

“Change me back, sure I liked bald men, but that doesn’t mean I want to be one! My beautiful hair, it’s all gone! I’ve got this thing between my legs now, and no boobs. This is terrible, I mean I had small boobs before, but now I have none, just these meat flap pecs. I like them on guys not on me! You better change us back this instant,” said a desperation torn Shawna, now in Glen’s very male body.

“No can do, GLEN. You are Glen now get used to it, I’m Shawna. This is what I wanted, and you’ll have to deal with it, the change was permanent by a sex spell, upon our orgasms, we would swap permanently, and we did. I got my hair back and lots of it, and you got the bald head you like so much. Just think as a bonus, you won’t have to have a period ever again either. I got my hair back and don’t mind periods, well as long as they aren’t too bad, I’ve never had one yet, but I’m sure I will sooner or later,” said Glen now Shawna.

“You might not have one for awhile, as I noticed you weren’t wearing a condom when you put it in me and came later. You might be pregnant. That would be funny if you went through all this and now were pregnant! If we really are this way for good, I so hope you are pregnant, I hope you are pregnant with quadruplets you frickin’ prick! I hope they tear open your new vagina once they come out too! You deserve it for doing this to me,” said Shawna now Glen.

“Did you say PREGNANT?! I hate kids, I don’t want my own. I didn’t think this through. The spell required sex and orgasm to work, and I couldn’t use it on a man, I’m not gay, I didn’t want to “do” a guy. There are lots of guys with all their hair but still. This was my best way to do this, and chick’s almost never lose their hair either. I used to be in a band with very long hair, longer than yours in fact, but it started falling out and now look at me, well you now that is. Now I might be pregnant. Great. It will probably be one baby too, what’s with this quadruplets thing? Are you flippin’s serious, that will not happen, and I may not even be pregnant,” said the new Shawna.

Later they would move on with their new lives, and the new Shawna was right, she wasn’t pregnant with quadruplets. She was pregnant with quintuplets! She would give birth to five babies in the future, and be a mom. The new Glen texted her upon finding out this news.

“Look on the bright side, SHAWNA, you have all your hair still, and you haven’t had a period yet.” said the text, mocking the new woman.

The new Shawna cried, partially from her fluctuating hormones, and partially because she realized she got herself in one big mess just because of hair.


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