Laying Low

“Oooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuccckkk,” said Gary as he orgasmed for the second time in his female life. You see Gary was a guy who owed a lot of people, a lot of favors so when his friend Zack said that he could help him lay low and that the unsavory people could move on from his stupidity, he took it readily. While telling Gay of the plan, Zack told him if he wanted to lay low he would have to wear Zack mother’s necklace. he of course thought it was silly, but did it anyway, it was or the better not to be mean to a gracious host right? It just involved him being someone who he wasn’t used to be a girl. His friend expained that he was a wizard of a not so infamous line of magic-users who knew only one thing: sex transformations. Nothing revolutionary, just selfish magic that was seen as a vagabond level or something dirty to those of higher blood lines.
Yet, before Gary had a chance to debate his new position as Zack’s girlfriend, Zack had already casted the spell written upon the necklace, and Gary was swiftly turned into a voluptuous blonde with DD breasts. His hips flared out, and his thighs plumped up, and ripped his pants by the fact of how big they now were. His ass grew into a heartshape and just as he tried to scream, his penis and testicles receded into his body created his new female reproductive organs. Lastly Gary’s mind became more and more feminine as Zack got more and more hotter to her mind. Then the cheery on top happened, and her libido skyrocketed to the level that could outlast two men, luckily Zack had the libido of four. Gary, or now Shelly’s mind was becoming cloudy with the flood of new hormones, and to help him settle into his new form, Zack “persuaded” him to come over, and then began eating him out. So there’s Shelly’s story, now loving the feeling of having sex with her boyfriend Zack, who made references to his idiot friend named Gary who trusted the wrong people. She could try to dig deeper, but that would soil the fun of what she felt, and as her nipples hardened, and her pussy got wet, she banished the thought.


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