She looks great

Kyle and his mom Lauren found a strange machine in the basement. It was probably one of his father’s inventions so they decided to test it. After activating the machine they entered the pods. The machine was making a lot of noise, Kyle had to plug his ears.His vision began to blur slightly, but he could tell something big was happening. Finally, when the system was reaching it’s climax, all of the lights went out and the machine lost power. Kyle thought the machine did nothing but he quickly realized something was very wrong. He couldn’t see in the darkness but he could feel his body moving in places that it shouldn’t be moving, and clothes fitting in ways they shouldn’t be fitting. When the lights came back Kevin screamed seeing himself staring at him. The machine swapped their bodies, he was now his mom. After recovering from the shock of finding themselves in each other bodies they figured out it could be a lot of fun to be each other for a little while. They both left the basement and started to act like nothing happened. Of course they had to keep it a secret. Kevin’s dad would be mad if he found they used his machine without permission.
Kevin liked the idea of being his mom. He enjoyed being in charge of the house and doing her housework. When his mom left with his friends Kevin ran to his parent’s bedroom. “Let’s see what we got here” He smiled, taking off his shirt. He looked at the reflection excited about what he saw. His friends always thought his mom is hot. Now seeing her body from this perspective he couldn’t deny it. Kevin decided to explore this body a little bit more. Yet he didn’t knew his father already came back home and soon he will join him in his exploration as the sight of his wife naked in bed and playing with herself really turned him on.


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