Lotus Girl

Hank said he loved Lotus cars, and the purple one at the show was his favorite. The Lotus rep was there, and said he was glad Hank liked their cars, and the purple one, but said that purple was a girl’s color. Hank blushed a bit, not knowing how to react to that. Then the man made an offer.

“Hank, since you love our cars so much, and you like more feminine colors, maybe you could represent us? Our other reps didn’t show up today at he car show. What do you say,” said the male rep.

“Sure why not, just make sure I get paid,” said Hank.

“Oh you will get paid, in fact we might have a job for you at Lotus, but first you need to be our “Lotus Blossom” so to speak,” said the man smiling.

“Sure whatever let’s do this,” said Hank.

Suddenly Hank felt different, and rightfully so. He was suddenly strewn across the purple Lotus car feeling softer, curvier, with long silky hair framing his face, heavy sensitive weights on his chest, and a smooth crotch along with a tight mini dress, silk bra, shiny designer Italian pantyhose, and yellow open toed five inch platform pumps!

Hank noticed the hair, boobs, and pantyhose right away, followed by his missing balls and cock, which his groin was an easy area to get to with his hiked up dress!

“What is the meaning of this,” a shocked Hank said surprised by his new female voice.

“You agreed to represent us and to have a job with us, so here you go. You are a Lotus girl, you will represent us at car shows, and at dealerships, helping us deliver beautiful cars as a beautiful woman! You look lovely by the way, and I bet you feel just as good as you look. I would do this myself, but my boss won’t allow me to, so you are the next best thing for the company,” said the rep.

“I have to admit this is weird, but it does feel good, and I love the way this car feels against my soft sexy body, especially my new large round bubble butt,” said the new woman.

“Well, you can feel this way all the time, we’ll keep you if you agree to be our girl from now on. I’ll make the spell I used permanent, and you can represent us as a pretty woman. We pay well, so you can buy even more sexy outfits like the one you have on now. I bet those sexy designer pantyhose feel wonderful on those long smooth legs,” said the rep a bit jealous.

“They do, I suppose I could do this. I had no life as a man, and not enough money to even come close to buying one of your cars, so this might be an opportunity,” said the new Hank.

“Hannah, that’s the spirit. That will be your new name, Hannah Blossom, or Hannah Lotus Blossom,” said the rep.

“You could join me if you wanted, I know you said you would have liked to be a Lotus girl also,” said the new Ms. Blossom.

“If you could talk my boss into it for me, I would. Just make sure I get bigger boobs, I want to have a little advantage over such a lovely girl like you have become,” said the rep.

Sure enough, Ms. Blossom talked her new boss into letting the rep, Ned, become Natasha, a redhead babe with a huge set of knockers, milky white soft skin, and a large ass to balance things out!

Ms. Blossom said, once Ned became Natasha, “Well, don’t you look lovely. I think you’ll need an extra support bra though, and some control top pantyhose to hold in that huge wonderful ass of yours.”

Ms. Natasha Lotus Bloom replied, “I need to shake my ass at the next car show, and you as well, I bet it would boost interest or at least pants tents.”

“BOTH, BABE,” said Ms. Blossom smiling.


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