Serving their needs

Brian was skeptical when his friends told him they have a body changing device. He thought it was one of their jokes again since he was always easy to convince, but not this time. They made a bet if it works Brian will be their cute servant. To prove him wrong his friends showed what the device can do and transformed one of them into a hot chick. Brian couldn’t belive his eyes but more he couldn’t belive he lost the bet.

After that his friend took the device and transformed Brian into a copy of his younger sister. Now Brian had to live as Brianna. Her friends were very pleased when Brianna was wearing cothes that showed a lot of her cleavage. She spend two weeks making food for them and cleaning their rooms while her friends were checking out her firm butt that swayed nicely with every step she took. Brianna was getting tired of this but there was more to come as her friends didn’t have any intention of turning her back. Brianna could only hope that this nightmare will end soon but if they decide to keep things this way what is she gonna tell to her parents?


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