Have fun at the wedding

“James you need to turn us back. This is messed up. You’re getting married tommorow” Frank pleaded. “What? Don’t you like it? I thought you always got a crush on my fiance” James said stepping out from the bathroom, adjusting his tight, red dress.
“This is not funny! You can’t do this besides how in the hell you were able to do this?” Frank never imagined that such things are possible. He was himself just yesterday and now somehow he was in his brother’s body while his brother James stood before him in the form of a very sexy woman.
James giggled and turned around, to show off his round butt “It’s my secret” He winked. “Ok. Look James, it’s been fun and all but now it’s time to get real” Frank said hoping it’s a joke. “You’re right. From now you should call me Jessica” He smiled. “That’s not what i mean” Frank said irritated. “Well but that’s how it is now. I’m Jessica and you’re James. You’re getting married to Rachel and if you don’t like it just dump her and find another girl. I’m going to find myself a handsome man” Jessica said slowly walking away. “Oh, and let me know how was the wedding. Farewel James” She send him a kiss and left. Frank stood there in his brothers body hearing only the clicking sound of Jessica’s heels.


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