Serious suspicions

“Hurry up sweethearth, i have to pick up the car from the mechanic, make dinner for you and buy something for our anniversary with Marcy. Damn, my life became intense since we swapped bodies” Tammy said to her father. “Hold on!” Henry grabbed his daughter by the hand. “Are you sure you didn’t have anything to do with this? You seem to cope pretty well with our body swap” Henry had doubts about Tammy’s innocence. “Of course not” Tammy reacted with indignantly “I am the adult now so i act like one, someone needs to since you’re acting like a kid” Tammy scolded him.

Two week’s ago Henry was a single father living with his daughter Tammy and girlfriend Marcy. But everything had changed since the one morning when he woke up in his teenage daughter’s body. Henry was freaking out by the swap, but what caught his attention was that Tammy didn’t seem to be bothered by their change. She acted like him even when nobody was around and demanded the same behavior from him. Henry was helpless, so he did as she advised and pretended to be a teenage girl, he got pretty used to his new role but there was this feeling that something’s fishy about her behavior. Especially when Tammy was with his girlfriend, he could swear that the girl is in love with her.


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