Deserved this

Well, sighed Denise (formerly Diandre), she’d asked for this.

Maybe as a man she shouldn’t have mouthed off to her girlfriend about how women should stop complaining and just enjoy the joy of childbirth. He’d blown his load into her without a condom, and within a month she’d shown him the pregnancy test which tested positive. Even then he’d insisted that women should just lay back and enjoy the experience. In a fit of anger she’d muttered a spell to swap their bodies and now the baby and everything else was all hers, 8 months and counting. Despite some initial protests, Diandre adapted quickly to “her” new role at home as Denise. Cooking? Check. Cleaning? Check. Cramping? Oh, what a full baby belly she had! But she was determined to have this baby. Who cared about having to pee all the time and craving random food items? Who cared about how much it would hurt to deliver the child? As she wrapped her hands around her womb, she simply smiled into the mirror.

“I just want you, baby. I can’t imagine why Denise would give up this experience of being a mother, but I’m not gonna complain,” she mused to herself. “I’m Denise now, and I will not give this up. I deserve this.”


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