Sentence: DD

“Hello ladies” the big chested woman with the instructions in her hands said. “My name is Tiffany. I think you all know why you are here and why you are women. Therefore I welcome you to our group ‘Sentence DD’. And when I look at your chests, I think you are all right here guys” she added with a chuckle. “Are there any questions?”
The women in blue raised her arm. “What’s with all the other groups of women here in that building?”
“Good question … um, Steven, well Stephanie, right?” The woman nodded. “Well, the witches that transformed you gave you the huge tits for a reason. The witches have this Organization here to punish men in a more 21st century style. That also means indiviual courses for you all depending on what the sentence is. Isn’t that nice of them? The room next to us has the “Sentence: Bimbo except for the mind” group. Usually for men who told women that they’d look like one. And the group down the floor, the little girls, well those used violence against women. But let’s speak of us here. We have got the big tits. Is there another question?”
The women with the red shirt raised her hand. “You speak of the witches as ‘them’ not ‘us’. Have you been punished too?” “I knew someone would ask that, it always happens. Long story short. Yes, I was successfull 35 year old man who had a thing for women with big boobs. I left my wife for a bustier, younger girl. Then sort of forced my next girlfriend to get breast implants, but unfortunately she had a friend that was a witch and a day later I got these tits of my own. After I failed to get back my manhood I decided to stay here and gives these courses. Better then being a stripper or something. Well that’s it … and Michael, or Missy which is your name now, in case you haven’t noticed: Your top says where your eyes are and you got a pair of huge jugs on your own, there’s no need to look at my cleavage.” Missy blushed, but she couldn’t help it. She hated how she was treated after she has been transformed.

Tiffany knew that all of the former men handle this situation different, some come to terms with the body faster (like the blonde on the right) and others hate everything about the punishment right from the start, just like Missy.
With that she started her course about how to live as a woman, what they have to take care of, how periods work, and finally how to please men.

“I always say that towards the end: keep this brochure with you. As I said you are at least 4 weeks in these bodies. If you do everything on this list and if you do it right, you can get your manhood back. And before you ask, yes, you can and have to do everything on the list, you are perfectly heterosexual women now, that means you have a thing for cocks now. The list reads:

– 50 times vaginal sex with different men
– 30 times anal sex with different men
– 90 blowjobs with different men (swallowing)
– 100 tit-fucks *giggle* … our special DD-group requirement.”

The new women were shocked and sat there with their mouths open. “Looks like you all want to start with blowjobs …. haha, sorry, I always have to make this joke. Enjoy your time as women” she said and the new women left. Of course all five of them were stuck as women for good, they just didn’t know it yet. The time given just wasn’t enough.


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