Headswap Remote (Reupload because of broken image)

“Come on Mark, let it go. There probably is no other way to power this thing.”
“Don’t you want your body back?”
“Sure, but be realistic. This strange remote could be from another dimension for all we now. Besides, I have gotten quite used to Jenna’s Body. She is taller than I was and girl’s clothes are actually really comfortable, once you got used to them.”
“I guess you are right.”, Mark sighted while he cupped Jodie’s breasts once again. “It’s not like anybody else can see this”

Two months ago, Mark (16) and Joe (15) found a strange remote on the side of the road. Just for fun, they fired it at their older sisters Jenna (19) and Jodie (20). After a bright flash both boys found their heads attached to each others sisters body and the remote completely powered down. Lucky for them, reality adjusted to their condition. Besides now owning their sisters bodies from the neck down and their wardrobes, everything about their lifes stayed the same. They were still seen as male by everybody else and even had to use the the boys changing room at school.


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