The old senior Brent McCraken was lonely and sad in his retirement, but one night wished on a star to have as much fun as his sexy neighbor Rita Sanchez did. When he woke, he was in Rita’s house, but he wasn’t her. He looked a bit like her, and found out he was now her sister Conchita Sanchez! The star had change reality making him a woman and Rita’s sister. He would later find out he would have as much fun as Rita, when Rita invited the entire fire department over for some group sex! The new Conchita was in shock at first at the changes, the massive breasts, the hot wet vagina, the long curly brunette hair, especially after Rita called over all those men! Once they started to come in however, Conchita stripped her clothes off revealing her he chest and soon dropped to her knees to please and be pleased by all these hunks!


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