Seeing her again

When i was a kid i had a friend. Her name was Jenny and we were inseparable. Unfortunately her dad found a new job, far away from out town and her family had to move out. I was very sad back then, Jenny was my only friend and now i was left alone.
Time passed and we didn’t had any contact. Eventually i moved on with my life and met new friends. I still remember her and i wish to see how is she doing.

I was watching tv after a long day at work. I surfed through the channels playing with a weird coin in my hand, i had found few days ago. I suddenly have a flashback of my childhood and how i used to play with Jenny. At this moment i wished to see her again. Then the coin started to glow and i felt like something had dragged me out from my body and throwed with incredible force. When i came back to my senses i found myself in a strange house. I looked around, everything started to become familiar. Then i noticed i was a woman. “I’m Jenny?” I said as new memories filled my head. I looked at my danity hand, there was a wedding band on her finger. I was still myself but i had her body, personality and memories. I remember the day when she moved out, then setteling up in a new town, growing up and meeting her current husband, Stan.
“What are you thinking about” Stan came into the room and sat next to me. “Nothing in particular” I smiled letting him warp his hand around my shoulders. I must say i was pretty excited to have the oportunity and see how Jenny’s life looks like from her perspective.

I had spend the whole day pretending to be her. At the evening, when we went to bed i had sex with Stan. It was so incredible i wished it could last longer. When i woke up in the morning i continued the day just like Jenny would. I took a shower, got dressed and went to her job. In the afternoon i realized that i don’t know how to get back to my body. It looked like i will have to live as Jenny for the rest of my life. To be honest i really didn’t mind it.


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