Role Exchanger – Harold and John

Harold and John were two roommates who met in college and had been best friends since. Practically brothers, they always connected through their shared worldviews and hobbies and opinions. They agreed on nearly everything until, the Role Exchanger appeared at the amusement park on the day that Harold and John were there, hitting both of them several times.

The crowd erupted in chaos as a the bright light appeared and began shining bright beams on people. John and Harold tried to get away, but when Harold tripped and fell, John ran back to help his friend up. That’s when John realized that he had been hit. Suddenly his body felt strange and brown hair fell into John’s vision.
“We need to run!” John said, realizing his voice was much higher. As he helped Harold up he felt his chest jiggle. John quickly realized the Role Exchanger had made him a woman. He nearly froze at the shock but remembered that he could be hit again and he had to get out now before it go worse.

As the two tried to push through the thick crowd to get away, Harold was hit and swapped heights with a teenager, but the effect was only shrinking by six inches. John was hit and started to feel incredibly uncomfortable in the clothes he came to the park in, only adding to his discomfort moving with his tits and no dick. Harold swapped his hair with a a middle aged balding man.
“We haf to geet to thee car!” John screamed, as he was hit again and was given a columbian woman’s thick accent.
“Then hurry up, bitch!” Harold responded, receiving the personality of a misogynist.

The next three days the two tried to adjust. Harold stayed home and lamented his lost height, and John wanted to stay home but he couldn’t stand wearing any of his old clothes, so he often locked himself in his room and laid around naked. He didn’t like that either because his forced him to look at his new female body, large breasts, new equipment. But he also locked himself in the room to avoid hearing Harold’s new comments about women. On the third day, John gathered the courage to leave the house to buy new clothes. He had no idea what the woman whose fashion sense he swapped with liked, but it wasn’t his old t-shirts and basketball shorts. He put on one of his old outfits probably for the last time and went out.

When John returned home, he was still pissed to find that the only thing he was comfortable wearing had to be super tight, usually pink, and sexually revealing and garish. It didn’t stop with clothes, while he was out he caught his reflection in the glass of a salon. He decided to go in and wound up getting his hair and makeup done. When he saw himself after that he was stunned by how feminine and beautiful he was. He was still uncomfortable with the situation but he realized the makeup and hair made him more confident.

When he returned home made up and wearing what most would describe as lingerie and a cheap vinyl jacket, Harold was surprised.

“Holy shit.” He said at the latina vixen John now was.
“Eet was the only theeng that hai deedn’t feel weird een.” John said nervously.
“Yeah well you look like a slut.” Harold replied.
“Meng, hei cahnt help eet! Choo got heet weeth the Role Exchahngeer too!” He said, getting defensive and unintentionally rolling his ‘r’s.

“No, I understand, but why do chicks have to wear that stuff? I mean look at your tits, they’re practically hanging out. You just need guys to stare at you don’t you?” Harold said.

John’s face got hot out of embarrassment and anger.
“Choo theenk hai want to do thees? Chor right, hai do look like a slut, I probahply ham one now for hall hai know! Choo theenk choo have eet so bad becoos chor a leetle shorter hand hyme leeving eet oop showing my tits hoff for guys? Well at least hai steel theenk the sehm, asshole!” John shrieked.

Harold rolled his eyes and took a seat on the couch, uttering a dismisive “Christ, why don’t you change your tampon?” beforing turning on the tv. Still furious, John stamped his foot and marched to his room, slamming the door behind him.

Harold and John were very good friends, but the role exchanger may have put an end to it.


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