Arm Wrestling Stunner

Ted agree to the arm wrestling contest with his girlfriend Leona, knowing he would win, but he wanted to be nice.

Leona said, “Don’t flatter yourself, Ted. I might win this!”

Ted laughed a bit, trying to hold it in, “Ok whatever you say, sweetie.”

Leona replied, “I hear that laugh, we’ll see who’s laughing in bit here.”

As they touched hands to wrestle, Ted felt strange, like his whole body shifted. Actually it did, along with his clothes! He went from 5’11” to 5’1″ and his body felt small and soft all over, and bigger and heavy in the chest, and butt! His hair was much longer, and he felt a breeze on his calves and feet, as he now had rolled up jeans with sheer black pantyhose on underneath! His red top felt soft and smooth against his milky white soft skin, as his new satin red bra held his tits in place.

Ted had a smile on his face as he thought he was going to win fast, but his smile would soon fade on his new face as he realized the changes! Once he got the stunned look on his face, his girl Leona quickly beat him! Rightfully so, he was a girl like here now, and a little smaller than her now, so she could have very well been stronger than him now! The stunned composure of Ted may also have played a role too, as he was no longer thinking of wrestling Leona down, when he had these changes to thing about now!

He felt weird, and looking down after being beat, his hand and wrist sore, felt himself up freaking out.

“Leo… LEONA! My body, my voice? I’m a… a… GIRL?! Oh my goodness. I have boobs! Oh no, my little buddy, I don’t feel it! It’s GONE! What am I wearing, NYLONS? Change me back, what have you done Leona?”

“I said you might not win, and you didn’t. By the way I’m not really into guys, so if you want to stay with me, this is how it’s going to be, TESSA! I’m going to be the dominate one now, and the strong one. By the way you look hot,” said Leona smiling.

“Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into? Oh my…,” said the new Tessa, wondering what his, no HER next move would be.


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