It was a pretty good scam, if I do say so myself. Well, maybe “scam” isn’t the right word. I didn’t take anybody’s money, after all. Well……..ok, it was a scam.

I’d known I was a shapeshifter since I was in sixth grade. It had taken years to fully master how to transform perfectly and much trial and error. Over the years, however, I’d managed to get it down perfectly.

It was a few years ago that I’d come up with the idea. Shapeshift into a hot chick, get rich guys to take me on cruises and buy me shit, then breakup and seemingly vanish. It’d worked time and again. I wasn’t proud of it but I survived.

This was my fourth job and persona. “Emily Harris” was the hottest so far, at least to my personal taste, and the guy I was “dating” though so as well.

We were heading on a cruise tomorrow and I was waiting for him in the condo. This was going well.


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