Sam and the sex

The new Samantha was insatiable. Zack who had taken over Sam’s body loved the attention he received. The sex was incredible too. Standing infant of the mirror, Zack admired his body he had stolen. From the top, Samantha was a sex goddess. Her blonde flowy hair, deep blue eyes, traced by her dick sucking lips, her firm and fake chest defied gravity, her flat and firm tummy led down to her snatch which men and women alike loved to go down on, and lastly her endless legs which coupled with heels always perked her bottom out. Zack was at work as Samantha and even in work clothes, Samantha exuded lust. Her blouse buttons barely hung on and she loved tenting her male colleagues pants. One in particular was her boss, Jack. Jack was the alpha male of the company and married with a daughter in college. Zack had been observing Jack for a while and been noticing his leering looks. During lunch today, Zack decided to pay Jack a visit. Zack walked slowly into Jacks office locking the door behind him. In Samantha’s body, Zack was looking at Jack while he unbuttoned the top button of Samantha’s blouse. He put Samantha’s finger on her lips to motion him to be quiet while he proceeded get on his knees and started fondling the tent forming in Jack’s pants. Using Samantha’s hands, he unzipped Jack’s pants and started to lick his shaft before going to town on it. Jack was trying to hold on but before long he couldn’t. Jack stood up and pushed Samantha’s body against the wall and started to pull her blouse apart. Her firm globes being help up by her lace bra were fondled by Jack. Jack proceeded to spread Samantha’s legs and deftly slid his fingers into Samantha’s sopping wet folds. Zack moaned using Samantha’s sultry voice. After having enough, Jack’s erect shaft which had already been lubricated by Samantha’s saliva earlier was thrust into her wet folds. As he continued to slide himself in and out of Samantha, Jack continued to fondle her firm tits before exploding into Samantha. Zack brought Samantha’s lips close and kissed Jack. He felt himself liquify and forced himself into Jack. Seconds later, he felt his new strong self and memories of Jack flowing into him. Zack was the new Jack and flexing his new body, he turned Samantha over and continued to slam his new shaft into her.


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