Road Trip

It was the beginning of Spring Break and my little sister and I were stuck at home. Dad and Mom were out of the country looking for more artifacts in India for the Museum they worked for. I was 21 as of last week and a senior at University majoring in Physics and I was responsible for my 19 year old sister who was at Beauty School getting a Cosmetology License . My sister and I were opposites I was the typical nerd, she was a cheerleader and very popular. I got home after the last day of class and I found my sister wearing ancient ring Dad had found in a lost temple examining herself in the mirror. She looked at me and said this ring is so cool it is magic I am going to have fun with it at the beach during break. I laugh “yeah magic, and you are not going anywhere young lady” trying to sound like dad. My sister said ” oh I thought you would say that so you are going too the Bo and his roomy Lee, will pick us up as soon as I call. You see dear brother I have been playing with this ring for some time and I know how it works and I can change reality.”. I said “Bullshit” and she countered ” I think I will prove it to you cause you always love proving me wrong on stuff and making seem dumb to my friends.”. She held up the ring and said ” I longer have a nerdy older brother I now have a younger sister who I am taking on a road trip with my boyfriend and his roomy who my sister has this killer crush on”. I saw every change and I looked down at myself was a girl in a bikini top and shorts and a packed bags were at my feet. I said “what did you do” she answered ” Magic I made you take more after mom you are so petite now get your bags the boys are here”. I obeyed and my sister and I got in their car and my sister leaned over and kissed her boyfriend and we pulled off. On the road my sister was almost in in his lap and was rubbing his cock and she looked at me and said ” Lee is going to think you don’t like him sis”. At that I slid over and started to do the same as my sister was doing ” she said my little sister always has been a copy cat of her big sister and she seems to like the same things giggle”. I felt magic take hold of me and I started rubbing Lees cock and he slid down for me to be able to rub him better. I felt his hard cock and I felt my legs spread a little on their own and I felt warm and wet in my core. Then my sister looked back at me and said “lets show them how thankful we are for the trip.” I saw my sister bend toward Bo and she disappeared behind the front seat and I heard a zipper and Bo moan a long yes. I looked back to Lee and he had his trucks off and without any hesitation I started sucking his cocky and OMG enjoying it. I heard Bo moan loudly in the front and then my sister said ” Lee we both like to swallow.”. The next day my big sister and I had a big fight on the beach, I was riding lee shoulders and she was riding Bo’s as usual my big sister won. I am so proud she asked me to be her maid of honor for her and Bo and Lee and I are talking, this was a great road trip.


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