Magic Shower Part 2

My new wife took complete control of me as she pushed me in the shower as she pressed me into the glass causing me whimper and she laughed ” you are such a girl” and I said ” NO OHH GAWD NO I AM THE HUSBBBAND SHITTTTTTTTT”. She roared in laughter and pinched my new nipple and said ” no I think I will start training you in who is boss right now”. I on the verge of my first female orgasm I moaned “what do you mean?”. She explained while she kept me teasingly on the edge ” I make good money at my own investment firm, you are a part time teacher’s aid. I am confident leader and sure of myself you are unsure and like being told what to do. But I love you and want to spend my life with you and I brought you her so I could make us the perfect married couple” and the room flashed.


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