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Caught spying

It was time to teach these new girls how to behave like ones. “You wanted to spy on us?, well… Welcome to the sorority!” I yelled at the blonde girl’s ear. Inside myself I was laughing, remembering how the same thing had happened to me years ago. “Yeah!”, Amy yelled, “lets see how much you enjoy guys looking at you while you are naked”. After making fun of them and taking some pictures, we handed them some clothes, some thight and trashy clothes. “If you want to break the spell, if you want to go back to your formerselfs, you must have sex with a guy in the next 24 hours” I told them. Read more

Her Revenge (Part 2)

I played with myself wrapped in a towel for a moment and realized I had a greater opportunity at hand. I found a dildo that my ex had left at my apartment and suctioned it to the wall. As I tried to get myself into position, the dildo kept sliding off the wall. Read more


“5 years ago I was a man, working at a boring job. I was contacted by a government agency, they offered me a job. I thought I was going to be a spy, or something, so I agreed. After a lengthy interview I was asked to drink from a bottle of black liquid. I drank it without hesitation. After much pain I was transformed into a hot and sexy woman. I was given a new identity. I was informed that the black liquid is a virus. And it can only be transfered by the original host, that would be me. Whoever has sex with me, would transform into a woman, and not only that, they would forget who they are, we can say they would have amnesia.” Read more

Fixing it

A coworker caught me looking at a captions site during work hours. He started blackmailing me. He said he could get me fired if he wanted to. He said I should give him 50% of my paycheck if I didn’t want anybody to know what I was doing. Read more